Dinner Conversation

Over the course of my sister in laws birthday dinner, the topic of how to allow your voice to be heard was discussed. The start of this conversation was in regards to the resignation of the President for the University of Missouri System. It is something that has been on most peoples minds here in Kansas City and created an environment where people felt they needed to take sides. I guess that’s not surprising given the state of the world as we know it these days.

Our discussion started to gain traction when questions were brought up whether the student who conducted the hunger strike went about it the right way to foster change in a positive manner. Several people felt as though the actions by the student and the support of the football team created a situation where the overall issues became more divisive as opposed to more inclusive for all of the stakeholders involved. As I’ve had a chance to think about this, it seems to me that there were not many options that the students had. Given the lack of communication between the schools leadership and the students, there was an inevitable breaking point that would take place. When change is brought about, things can get messy as it did in this instance. Hopefully, we can all learn from this and  continue to advance ourselves collectively moving forward.

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How can we be better as people? I ask myself this question all of the time. Is it through continuous education? Do we improve by just jumping into the fray and learn as we stumble through whatever we are trying to accomplish? Is it important to learn from others who may have a different perspective in life? I’m not sure what the answer is, but I continue to try and work on getting better each and every day. As I get older I find that goals that we set as a society and for ourselves tend to impede the overall process of improvement. The process is what is paramount in that it helps us to maintain focus on what we can do at this moment. The process helps us to grow, learn and experience life to the fullest. You hear very successful people in all walks of life talk about how not getting ahead of themselves and sticking with it is paramount. I guess that’s why I have this picture of my golf swing posted. The sport is the epitome of maintaining your focus on each and every moment and if you don’t, bad things can happen. Trust me, I have plenty of experience with bad things happening during the course of a round!! I’m not sure where this blog will lead me to, but I hope that the time and effort I devote to it will give me an avenue moving forward to help myself and others to be the best that we can be.

golf swing

What brought me here?

Since I am in the beginning stages of creating this blog, I figured it’s time to share why I’m doing this. Every once in a while I look back on my life and wonder where the time has gone. I’m a firm believer in living in the moment and tend to shy away from keeping any type of documents,  memento’s, pictures, etc. as I want to stay focused on the now. My thought has been that it’s more important to be present in those cool moments in life as opposed to documenting them. I am starting to believe the stance that I have is flawed. This is not the first time that I’ve been wrong about anything. Example: I really thought the KC Chiefs were gonna be good this year and the Royals wouldn’t make the playoffs!!!!

My wife is the exact opposite when it comes to chronicling our life. She is always taking pictures of our adventures, keeping notes and cards from friends and family over the years and always thinking of ways to create our own history book. All of this is done with her focus on maintaining presence in her life and she’s been able to find that balance. In watching her accomplish this it’s been eye opening for me. I want to be able to share my thoughts with the world, but also allow my kids to see who their dad was when they are my age. Hopefully, I’m around at that time to experience life with them, but just in case, I want them to have something beyond a family heirloom. We’ll see how it goes! Hopefully you all enjoy it as well.

By the way, here is a pic of the Royals championship parade and where we were among the 800,000 in attendance!

kc royals parade location 11.3.15

“This is impossible.”

In 2007, one of my best friends approached me about an idea. Generally, whenever he comes up with some idea, it is fitness related as he is a personal trainer. This time was no different. He wanted to run a half marathon with me.

At this point in my life, I had no running experience. I was not in very good shape. My wife and I were in the cook everything we could find on Food Network and it was not the healthy stuff. I’m not sure what prompted me to say yes. It may have been the fact that growing up, all of my close friends were athletes and would not back down from a challenge. I guess that has continued to carry over from adolescence, which is probably a good thing!

Even though I committed to this, I was not very excited to say the least. However, when I started to do some research in regards to training, I noticed that in order to build myself up, it would take baby steps, which seemed pretty easy. The key was to maintain consistency throughout the process. I actually started to enjoy running!

My wife  joined me as my coach/training partner which made the process a lot more fun. We committed to running three times a week and really focused on logging minutes and not distance. The race was in January of 2008 and I remember that it was around 50 degrees at the start of the race. Growing up in Florida, I was not used to running at temps below 60, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise.  My wife was there for me at the finish line taking all kinds of pictures and one of my more cherished pictures is with my buddy and I with our medals after the race. When I finished, it was such a big deal in my mind, because it was something that I never thought I could do or even imagine. This is why I view this as one of my biggest accomplishments outside of being a husband or parent!

I think I know someone you should meet.

Helping others provides me a sense of worth and just feels good. I have been very fortunate to meet a lot of great people in my life and am always willing to make an introduction. Whether it is personal or professional, introducing friends and colleagues to other people would be something that most of these people would say is how I help others in a meaningful way. Making connections and building a network can benefit you in many ways.Through my increasing group of friends and colleagues I’ve been able to leverage it to help others. The next time someone brings up a problem or idea, do not be afraid to introduce them to someone who can help.

I am right!!

One of the most frustrating thing in the world to me is the need for people to be right about a situation, point of view or anything else for that matter. Peoples need to be correct at the cost of others opinions and feelings has caused a lot of strife throughout the world. If we were all a little more empathetic to another persons ideas, we could do some amazing things as a species. This type of mindset is increasingly prevalent in American politics and business which has led to a level of distrust that we have not seen in this country’s history.

It’s hard to get started.

This is my chance to get my thoughts out to the world and figured this would be a great way to do it. I think the hardest part is taking the first step to post something, so here we go! Hopefully, you all enjoy what I have to share  as I am hoping to provide something worth reading as well as learn a little bit about myself. I am a 40 year old guy with a beautiful wife and two boys. We live in Overland Park, KS and absolutely love it hear. My interests are sports, food and traveling to see the world. Did I mention, that I love food. All kinds of food. I am not afraid to try anything that edible. There will pictures shortly of some of the great stuff we cook as well many other things we are really lucky to experience. Thanks for taking part and I’ll be talking to you soon!